• A proven concept, system and process

  • A solid ground floor opportunity

  • A lifestyle that has flexibility and room for
    other interests

A proven business model . When schools expect something
good and get the best, you become a part of their family.


  • More than 200 schools in the Los Angeles area alone

  • Successful Franchises Coast to Coast, from California
    to New York City 

  • State-of-the-art website which basically runs your
    business, offering screen cast “how-to’s” for every step

  • CORE and STEM friendly – building fun and exciting gateways to understanding from Math Concepts to
    Creative Thinking

Parker-Anderson has class...after class...after class!


Multiple income streams from each school, community
center, or summer camp. 
Have a different class or set of classes
for every school day! Here is one of many examples:


  • Monday - Chess Club and Project Runway Fashion Design

  • Tuesday - MatheMagic and Robot Building Workshop

  • Wednesday - TechKids and Fine Art Painting

  • Thursday - Lego Engineering and Mock Trial-Public Speaking and Debate

  • Friday – Rocket Science Astronomy and Jewelry Making

The Opportunity & Business Model