The seeds of Parker-Anderson Enrichment were planted when Josh Parker and Jamie Anderson were kids. Josh was into sports and chess. Jamie was into the arts and sciences. As they grew into adults, childhood passions blossomed into hobbies and careers: Jamie became a professional singer-songwriter and a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. Josh after, started teaching chess to elementary students after college at Berkley. 


Ten years later, they are the leading enrichment company in California,
providing after school programs in more than 200 schools. All with qualified instructors teaching Lego Robotics, Young Architects, Mock Trial and Public Speaking, Marine Biology, Jewelry Making, Chess, and more! Our first franchisee came into being in 2014 in North Orange County and the rest is history…in the making!


Jamie and Josh have had enormous success in Los Angeles with a business that is still growing because, they have a reputation for great work that starts and ends with a hands-on “can-do” approach that schools appreciate.

Meet the Founders: Jamie & Josh